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Google Voice

Google Voice provides the perfect smart voice calling to various compatible devices. Google Voice numbers can work on the web and smartphones to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world.

For companies that use G Suite, Google Voice can be easily customized to fit the workflow of the day-to-day activities. Porting, number assignment, and billing are perfectly incorporated in the G Suite Admin console. The powerful AI filters can detect spam calls, automatically transcribes voicemail, and allow the user to configure your PBX. It focuses on what’s essential—integrations with Hangouts Meet and Calendar.

Google Voice is scalable and instantly deployable. It functions globally from anywhere.

It enables users to be able to configure the service via a web-based application. Currently, Google Voice provides free PC-to-phone calls within the United States and Canada, and also PC-to-PC voice video calling worldwide between users of the Google+ Hangouts browser plugin (This is available for Intel-based Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux).

How to delete Google voice number

Click Menu at the top left. Next, click on Settings.Turn off Google voicemail for each linked number,On the left, you click Voicemail.Uncheck the box to Get voicemail through message.Click Account on the left Next, under your Google Voice number, click delete. This makes Google Voice look different, but don’t mind because you are in the right place.To confirm the deleting process, click Proceed.Your Google Voice number will be finally deleted.

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